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About Me

My Background

I grew up with a growing passion for art. It was my escape from reality. There’s just a feeling that I can’t describe when I create. When you take an image from your head and put it on paper or a guitar or pair of shoes or whatever it may be, and it comes out better then you ever imagained! It’s mind blowing when you take a step back and look at it and think wow that’s exatly what I was Picturing! I want that feeling to last forever, that’s why I chose art as my carreer. I started with customizing guitar, that led into canvas paintings, drum sets, laptops, etc. people started to know who I was by the work I was doing. People would say things like..” Hey your that girl that customizes guitars on Facebook right!?” I felt like I was starting to touch peoples hearts it was amazing. I’m expanding my business getting more and more customers everyday. This website is only the beginning to something great!!

How to Purchase / Customize

It‘s just a few simple steps!  

1. Click on the drop bar in the top left corner of the home page.

2. Click contact us.

3. Click get in touch

4. Fill out you name and a description of what you want customized or if your buying a painting let me know what you want and the size you want.

5. Click send! 

EASY!! I will get in contact with you within 24hrs or less! 

Shipping Details

If you are looking into getting something of your own customized these are the few simple steps!

1.) follow the how to purchase instructions above . 

2.) In the description include the Object you want customized And how you want me to make it personable for you. 

     Example; My name is Robert. I want to get my acoustic/electric guitar customized! I love galaxys so I was hoping you can incorporate a galaxy with a wolf howling at the moon. 

3. Click send

EASY!! I’ll get back to you within 24hrs or less! 


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